Ecommerce Development by Sanguine Communications FZCO

Sanguine Communications FZCO is generally focused on online marketing promotion and strategy building, also SEO is a forte of us. We have been serving the United Arab Emirates region for a pretty long time now, and our headquarters are based Dubai. In this current world of business and management, having an ecommerce platform to sell products or service is highly essential. Companies in existence already are working pretty hard to adapt an ecommerce environment, but being slow at the adaptation process will make the competitors get a better grip in the business. To keep up with the rest at a decent or maybe even aggressive pace, hiring a third party ecommerce company would be beneficial and that’s where our role as a professional online marketing and strategy building company comes useful.

Features of our Ecommerce Development

Here’s a brief list of Sanguine Communication’s services under ecommerce niche –

  • Catalogue of Products and Services:   Apparently, the most important thing in an ecommerce website development is putting every product and service in an interactive catalogue. People will surf through an ecommerce website to search for a desired product, and also look for the product specification listings. For example, if the website is about readymade garments, visitors will need information like size, colors, combination of a specific size and color, photo and dynamic zooming properties, watermark on product pictures on a catalogue page, generating a wish list etc. Technically these works may not be very difficult, but indeed the workload is intense. Sanguine Communications would happily do the complete job at client’s preference.

  • Customer Management System:  On an ecommerce environment, there might be different types of users. The website needs to have customer registration and personal account pages and databases for each corresponding profile, cart details, customer referral program, newsletter services, loyalty system for regular customers, email based order monitoring system, best customer coupons etc. are the features an ecommerce development firm should incorporate into their client’s ecommerce based website. We take care of all the users to an ecommerce website – who shop or visit.

  • Order Management: Managing customers’ orders on an ecommerce website is probably the section where the highest amount of precision is required. If the order is messed up, the product delivery would be messed up too and this will directly reflect on the company’s reputation. With Sanguine Communication’s brilliant IT team, no issue as such should arise. We could manage an ordering system, manage the online payment systems and incorporate them into client’s website for smooth and hassle free payment process, and generate PDF receipts upon a purchase for the customer. And once we are done with development for our client, all of these would happen in an automated process.

  • Statistics:  We understand how important keeping track of numbers in a business is. The ecommerce system we develop for our clients can keep track of visitors and total sales, visitors who came to the website and made a purchase, visitors who left without making a purchase, product statistics, orders and sales, affiliation information etc. All these reports would be presented on a regular time frequency to our client.

  • Security:  We develop custom security protocols for ecommerce websites. Security threats are now higher in number than ever before, and since monetary transactions are involved the ecommerce websites kind of attract the hackers.


Above are the brief description of our basic focus of work for ecommerce website development. However, our endeavors just doesn’t stop there. If you need anything specific, ask for it!