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Facebook Promotion by Sanguine Communications FZCO

Doing business is all about promoting what you sell, either a product or a service. Online marketing happens to be the most effective way of promoting a product or service in the most recent times. People spend a significant amount of time in social networking websites, and Facebook tops all of the lists. Researches show how effective promoting on Facebook could be, and the after effects of Facebook promotion in their products and service sales. Companies that are currently following an older marketing strategy should move on to an online promotion strategy that includes Facebook promotion, and the new startups in the production could save a lot of seed investment by promoting on Facebook instead of some other forms of marketing.

And in all of these processes, a third party company can lend their helping hand. Companies in existence and new startups in active production might not have the necessary expertise and skill set needed to run a successful Facebook promotion campaign, some service provider can straighten out the things like we do at Sanguine Communications FZCO.

Facebook Promotion Services by Sanguine

Our teams at Sanguine Communications can meet a company’s requirement of online promotion on Facebook. Here’s a brief description of our services.

  • Arranging Facebook Sweepstakes:   Facebook Sweepstakes are basically contests that allows for brand promotion over Facebook through contests. For example, you could arrange some sort of photography or selfie competition where the contestants would have to take a selfie with your products or the logo itself; that’s how the brand name would spread. We arrange sweepstakes with the best possible outcome for our clients, all you have to do is hire us.

  • Generate Contents:  Facebook promotion would require contents – a whole load of it. Photos are the most effective types of content in Facebook promotions, but in the very recent times GIFs are making a good impact on product promotion. Also, video clips and vines are easier ways of preaching a message to a specific audience and/or consumer base. Most companies need help with content generation, and we do the job very efficiently.

  • Giveaways:  If the brand you are planning to promote through Facebook is a manufacturer of electronic gadgets or some other popular products like makeup, or sports products, then you could arrange giveaways to make your page gain more visitors and subscriptions. Apparently, when you arrange a giveaway with the condition that the prize winning eligibility depends on subscription and sharing that specific post on Facebook, your business page will receive the promotion you had been looking for. Our expert teams at Sanguine could straighten out the things for you.

  • Working on Statistics:  Being a stakeholder of the company, you would probably need the statistics of your Facebook promotion campaign. The expert employees at Sanguine would prepare a easily understandable statement for you, and anyone responsible on the client’s side would be able to understand the reports we prepare.


Facebook promotion is crucial, expertise and timely decision taking matters. We have been doing this job at Sanguine Communications FZCO for long; and we believe our expertise would be of good use to you.