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Google Review Removal

Google Reviews are often considered one of the most important for the businesses. This is basically nothing but the Google + Reviews. However, this can often horribly wrong if a negative comment is posted. The total reviews in terms of 5 point ranking system can go down as a result of it. Another issue with the negative Google Reviews is that if the business has lesser number of reviews, then even a single negative comment can destroy the reputation. But is that the end of the road? Well, certainly not, there are many options that can be opted to remove the Google Reviews.

We at Sanguine Communications have a separate and dedicated team to handle the negative Google Reviews comments. We have expert legal teams that take care of all the negative comments.

Negative Google Review Removal

There are different approaches for the Removal of negative Google Review. Here are the courses that are followed by our legal experts in case of the removal of the negative Google Reviews.

If the identifier can be recognized

If the identifier can be recognized from the comment then our legal team sends a legal notice to the commenter for wrong or fake review. The legal notice, however, is sent from the court in the concerned judiciary. This is an ideal situation where the identity of the commenter is available but this is not every time possible. In such cases, if the commenter takes down the fake comment, then the issue is solved, else the court has to provide the order that can be transferred to the concerned department of Google to remove the negative comment for the business. The review comment is generally removed from the search engine so that it does not reflect in the search result of the consumers.

If the commenter cannot be recognized

The most likely to the situation for the negative Google Reviews is that the commenter cannot be recognized. This is, however, a complex situation. Our expert legal team approaches the court and gets the permission for removal of the comment. However, it has to be proved that the comments were fake and in bad taste for the organization and should be an injustice to the organization. Once the court order is received, then our team sends the copy to the Google authorities to take down the comment from the search engine.

We have one of the most experienced and qualified team to handle the legal issues of removing the Google Reviews with fake and negative impact. The importances of the Google Reviews are slowly getting more popular and Sanguine communication ensures that proper actions are taken.

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