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The rise in smartphone consumers has been exponential in the past few years. A lot of people who used to have a feature phone even two years ago, now own a smartphone. A good number of people now completely rely on their smartphones for any internet related tasks. Desktop browsing is still the best form of internet browsing for most people due to higher amount of accessibility and functions, but when the same website is handheld people feel more comfortable going through them while on the go. Given all these factors, all websites now need to have a mobile friendly version, but not certainly a limited version of the full-fledged website. With all these requirements, the web development scenario has changed and businesses now need to give their online marketing campaign second thoughts.

If your company’s website isn’t mobile friendly yet, then it’s time you got in touch with Sanguine Communications FZCO for an in-depth mobile website development service.

What We Offer

Mobile Website Development

Here’s a brief overview of services we offer in the mobile website development department.

  • Observation of Consumers:   Before we begin, our employees at Sanguine would do some research on the client’s business. If the business happens to be a youth oriented product or service store, then chances are most of the website traffic will be coming from smartphones. We shall take statistics of the smartphones that are mostly used to visit our clients website(s), and make a mobile website marketing plan accordingly.

  • Small Screen Friendly Website Screen:   There are still a limited number of people who use high end feature phones, probably from a near past. These phones are capable of loading and browsing through full websites at ease, however the communication between the user and the device might happen through regular mobile phone buttons instead of a touch screen. In that case, the website must have unique accessibility features to offer a customer with the best website browsing experience – we know how to do this job in the best possible ways.

  • Touch Screen Optimization:   Thanks to the modern smartphone and tablet operating systems, the websites load just on these devices just like they would on a regular laptop or desktop computer. However, few scripts should be incorporated into the website to enable to user to browse through the website without issue. Our expert team members know how the optimization works out.

  • Heavy Content Optimization:  We don’t only optimize existing contents on a website, but also create optimized heavyweight contents like high resolution images, videos and audio clips on a website so that they run on a smartphone or mobile screen without charging a significant mobile data usage amount to the user.

  • Mobile Website Cross Platform:   Internet usable devices don’t only come with Windows or Android OS installed in it – there’s a lot of different available options. A website should be optimized for all possible platforms visitors could come in from. Sanguine labs know how to create a website that fits all operating systems.


Not just the above mentioned, we do custom orders from our clients as well. For pricing quotes, contact with Sanguine Communications FZCO.