Sanguine Communications is an online Digital Strategy & Communications Agency based out of Dubai that prides itself in churning out next generation Integrated Digital Communication Solutions for your business. Our aim is focusing on customers by meeting customer’s demand and requirements.

Now a day’s Social Media has blurred the boundaries between PR marketing and Communications through social media networks and PR posts on social media to manage public relations.

PR Marketing Agency in Dubai, strives to develop and maintain relationships and reputation. PR marketing is promotional method that fall under the ‘marketing’ umbrella term. It Include individual and organizational exposures to get their targeted audiences. It also includes account coordinator, executive, supervisor and media relations manager.

On behalf of the organization or individual, we are taking all the responsibilities to achieve your targets. We announce along with marketing campaign materials on Twitter, Facebook and other networks. Although they remain separate functions, As a result PR Marketing and communication has become essential to mutual success.

If you have any query or need any help, contact us at +971 52 304 3225 or email us at
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  • We are not only a team of technology savvy agency but we see your vision as our core mission and our ultimate goal is bring absolute satisfaction to our clients, as we have helped many businesses and individuals remove negative and bad comments about them.

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  • Sanguine is a multicultural team and combines a diversity of creative thought and global understanding with extensive experience in successful client management to offer a complete range of Digital Solutions to clients internationally.