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Remove Negative Comments and Firewalling

Business today is not an easy job especially when you are online. There are fierce competition in the market and at the same time there are many unethical spammers as well that try to malign the image of the organization. If the different feedback sharing portals are monitored then it can be easily found out that there are people who post fake and unethical negative comments. This can harm the business of a company very badly. One may think that the comments can be removed easily but honestly it is not that easy. One needs to take legal route to remove the comments.

We, Sanguine Communications ensure that the review comments are prohibited and at the same time can be removed.

Google Firewalling

It is said that prevention is always better than cure and we take it a step forward. The Google Firewalling services ensure that the spammers are restricted. So, any spammer seeking access to your website and server would be restricted by the service. The number of spam comments can get highly reduced with this mechanism. We have dedicated team to ensure that firewall service is always up and running and is constantly monitored.

But what happens when somebody posts a comment in the Google Review or Yelp? Well, Sanguine Communications can remove these fake comments for you.

Negative Comment Removal

We have dedicated legal team that looks after the negative comments for our partners. If the commenter can be identified then a legal notice is sent to him or her to remove the comment. If not listened to, our team approaches the court to get the order to remove the comments. The particular order is then presented go Google or Yelp to remove the comments.

In case , the commenter is not identified, then we directly present the court order to the concerned authorities to remove the comments.

Online reputation is built with immense hard work and we ensure that it is not destroyed by any spammer or other unethical people.

Sanguine Communications is a UAE based company that has partners from round the world. You can approach us at +971 52 304 3225 or email us at for further information.

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