Website Annual Maintenance Services Sanguine Communications

Launching a website may not be very easy, but still many people manage to do it anyways. Many businesses often set up a website to establish cyber presence and maybe with the view of conducting some extra business through it, but end up abandoning the website with no visible maintenance and sales or service so far. In the end, the website that was meant to be a marketing tool ends up being a liability. This often happens to even the biggest of the enterprises, because not many business people understand the necessity of maintaining a website and keeping it up to date. There are some cases where a business can’t afford time to spend on a website, or maybe they don’t just have an IT department.

If you happen to go through any of the following, then you would be pleased to know Sanguine Communications FZCO can offer you with great after sales services to a website. Even the website isn’t developed by us we don’t mind, as long as our clients are satisfied we would continue to offer them with the best website annual maintenance services at the best possible prices.

Annual Website Maintenance Services

Here’s a brief description on the services we provide for a website’s maintenance.

  • Time Period Based Contracts:   Annual website maintenance is a huge deal, and not every business may want to spend so much money for a website. Not at least on a monthly basis throughout the year – and we understand that. There could be lot of reasons to not invest in website’s maintenance, we won’t force a company to do so and our services aren’t designed in a non-friendly way either. At Sanguine Communications, we let the customers choose their specific time period to have their website maintained, updated and improved if necessary. The time spans could be monthly, tri-monthly, half yearly, yearly. If you don’t like the frequency to be bigger, then you might even go for a fortnightly plan. The pricing would definitely vary for the services of similar caliber, but the clients are at liberty of getting their desired custom plans.

  • Offsite Website Maintenance:   In such website maintenance scenarios, we would work on a website without actually being close to a server. This happens especially when the website servers are hosted somewhere far from Sanguine’s employees’ reach. If the client is located at non-UAE regions then we would remotely log in to the website’s admin panel and do whatever is necessary. In any regular case this doesn’t pose any issue to website maintenance, however hardware related issues could be a burden.

  • Onsite Website Maintenance:   This service is provided especially at business with in-house servers, and preferably inside the UAE region. Sanguine Communications team can reach to these servers at the fastest possible convenience, and offer onsite website maintenance services. With customized services to a website and its server, the clients would also get secured backup.

  • Improvements:  Over time, the technologies will improve and websites will have to adopt to newer codes, newer visuals, and suit in different display sizes. Sanguine Communications FZCO has the expertise to offer the adoption to our client’s websites.


To get custom made website annual maintenance services at the most reasonable price tag, contact with us.